Indonesian International (bio)Medical Students' Congress

The largest scientific competition and event for health students in Indonesia, students from multiple Asia-Pacific countries also joins in the festivities. 4 online competitions within INAMSC targets up to 500 participants.

Registration has been closed! Thank you for your attention, we’ll see you next year!

INAMSC also holds the yearly symposium and workshop, inviting the best speakers from around the world. Taking up the “cancer” theme, this year’s online event will aim for a total participants of 150 attendees.

Literature Review

Cancer themed literature review competition. Open for all biomedical university students worldwide with 3 stages of competition. After the first stage, participants are called to perform the final stages in a venue.

Finalists' Guideline

Research Paper and Poster

A free topic scientific research competition for biomedical university students worldwide.

Finalists' Guideline

Public Poster

Poster creating competition for biomedical students nationwide. The final stage requires poster presentation from the participants.

Finalists' Guideline

Educational Video

A health-related educational video creating competition for biomedical students across Indonesia. Submitted videos should be able help the aspects of promotions, preventions, rehabilitations, and palliations of health.

Finalists' Guideline